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Bob Dylan Collage Giclee Print

Bob Dylan Collage Giclee Print


Limited edition and signed print of a handmade collage of Bob Dylan. Original artwork is completely made, by artist John Kerr, from ripped up pictures of Bob.

Titanium Lustre,     A fine art smooth paper- The silver metallic lustre finish is extremely attractive, most especially on the right kind of image and is ideal for images containing reflective metal surfaces such as chrome, silver or glass.

This unique silver based metallic paper  has a beautiful pronounced textured finish on a heavyweight 280gsm silver resin coated base.

A photo paper truly resembling the look, feel and print quality of a metallic surface with its high silver pigment content - this is NOT one of the much less impressive 'pearlescent' papers on the market which is simply an 'effect' on the coating - the base of Titanium really does look like silver!! Incredible detail and clarity is achievable delivering stunning high resolution visual impact and making the images just jump off the paper.

Its great tonal range, wide colour gamut and high D-max works extremely well with images that have vibrant colours, deep blacks or containing reflective metal surfaces such as chrome, silver or even gold! Everyday objects such as watches, jewellery, glass, metalwork and mirrors come to life with almost a 3D effect as well as enhancing water reflections and other surfaces.


Somerset Enhanced Velvet - Exhibiting high whiteness without unnecessary use of optical brightening agents (OBA), this archival grade paper is buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack finished prints may encounter from air pollution. Somerset Enhanced is excellent for fine art photography and fine art reproduction.

Created to give artists and photographers an authentic fine art paper, capable of producing impressive images. This is a stunning matte paper, with an invisible coating, whose texture will lift images, giving them a beautifully elegant fine art feel.

This paper is traditionally mould made from 100% cotton, to high archival standards, providing a paper with a genuine heritage.

It is acid free to preserve both fine art and photos, 100% cotton rag with a radiant white surface for vivid colour reproduction. It has a velvet surface for rich details and exceptional finish for black and white images.

Somerset has always been the primary paper choice among serious artists and printmakers. Ever since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper, it has enjoyed a reputation for quality that has continued to grow over the years. Somerset Velvet is engineered to give you the highest resolution and colour saturation possible.


German Etching.   From the Hahnemuhle Digital Fine Art range of papers, German Etching is a 310gsm genuine mould-made, heavy-weight, archive grade (acid free) etching paper that has a matt, velvety surface and the attractive warm white shade of a traditional artist’s board making it ideal for sophisticated original prints and also for reproductions of lithographs and pastels.

German Etching has a slightly warmer base than Photo Rag, and a marginally more visible felt mark, the slight texture imparted from the blanket during the forming process. The name suggests a surface similar to an etching paper which will also reproduce traditional prints excellently.

German Etching is one of the most popular media worldwide for artwork and photography.


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