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About Me

John Kerr is an award winning Graphic Designer, Artist and Photographer from Banbridge Co Down in Northern Ireland. 

Johns unique talent of weaving and layering art comes from a long established family history in craftsmanship. Growing up on a rural and unforgiving landscape during the troubles, he sought solace and passion in his creations.

"I was surrounded by a world of handcrafts and repairs, everything was made from scratch or fixed by either Dad or Mum. Each were specialists in their own domain and I learned to use my hands and eyes in numerous arts and crafts from an early age."

He soon carved a successful business for himself in the leather industry, and for over 20 years was widely known as a libertarian and proponent of counter culture.  The roller coaster ride of bikes, sex, drugs and rock n roll eventually veered out of control and turned into the darker side of divorce and rehabilitation.

John's unique style of photo-realistic/pop art collage began to surface three years ago once studying graphic design and photography.  It was during this time the genetic pull towards craft was rekindled and John’s distinct collage art began.  After completing the Higher National Diploma with a distinction and the top Graphic Designer award NI, (BEST Awards) John has continued his studies BA (Hons) degree in Creative Imaging at the John Moore’s University, Liverpool and working on expanding his business Multymedia in N. Ireland.

Limited edition Giclee print run of 250 in Somerset Velvet paper. 

Commissions available on request.

This site brings to you a visual appreciation of the goods and services provided by John Kerr, artist, photographer, graphic designer, leather craftsman.


  • multymedia3@gmail.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/john.ke.5